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Stuttering at 3500rpm


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i have a 1994 integra vtir and in the last week during driving, the engine light will come on and i will have trouble accelerating once it hits 3500rpm, basically it will just start to stutter as if its about to stall from lack of throttle (even though i am flooring it).


If i stop the car and turn it off then restart, the engine light goes off and i can accelerate normally again (way past 3500rpm) with no problems at all.


The light never comes on straight away, always after ive been driving for 10-15mins. I just had the car serviced, they said they cleaned out the throttle body as previously the car would just die while idling. After the service, it hasnt died yet but now i have the problem with the stuttering.


Can anybody give me a clue as to what the issue is?



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i had the same problem on my 87 if it flashes the crank angle sensor take urs off and check the wires for any breaks or oil inside whil eur at it do the same to ur distributor because the oil o-rings may fail and get oil into the contact points the reason you should check the wires on the CAS is because it cost about 175 and its dealer only

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