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Spun Rod Bearing, whats still usable?

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So I'm looking at a d17a2 with a spun rod bearing. This a pull from an 02 EX Civic, the head is missing, so is the alt and starter. Otherwise complete from oil pan to deck. I don't really know what a spun rod bearing is, so I'm not sure what exactly the damage entails? I know the definition, but have never seen it, or experienced it first or second hand.


I'm not so ignorant that I think I can fix this, thats not what I want to know. What parts would be specifically junk in this setup? and what parts could be reused elsewhere or resold? I'm after the crank and the oil pump. Would the bearing damage have damaged the crank? Some sites I have researched say maybe, some say yes. The pump itself is worth what I will be paying for this, so there is no chance of losing out, just spending my time needlessly if everything is junk.


Sorry for the ignorant noob questions, but I guess I got to start somewhere.

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It just depends on how long after the bearing went out that they ran it. If they stopped the motor immediately when it went out chances are the bottom end could still be salvageable. Just pull the oil pan and look before you buy the motor. If its that bad you'll see scoring on the crank and if thats the case find a different motor.

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I should probably add that this is $30. So I will likely buy it just for something to take apart and learn on. Given the price I expect it to be hosed, but maybe I'll get lucky.

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crank can be turned and slight oversized bearings used as well. as long as its not destroyed as 88 says. i told him 88 , if theres no holes in the block , theres a chance , lol.

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It wasn't from a junkyard. It was from some guys from lawn. ROFLMAO You should see this place. He has a SOL in progress with what appears to be a fully CF skinned body :wtf: The fenders, hood and lid were all fiberglass skinned cf too. A late 80's hatch, an early 90's si hatch. A mid 90's gsr with a jackson racing SC and an MX6. Half the driveway was littered with honda parts. no less then 6 different blocks. a full suspension from some teg, numerous heads and a whole pile of accessories, alts. starters, IM, EM, fuel rails you name it stacked up 3 feet high.


BTW, got the block. I little surface rust from sitting out, but moves freely and has no external damage. Said it was running when he pulled it. He suspected the bearings but didn't know. So I might get extra lucky.

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I know the pic doesn't help too much, but there it is.


Since this thread is already going, and this is somewhat near-topic, here are the pictures of the other items I picked up today. Feel free to tell me I am nuts if you want.



Z6 Head from running car, 113k on it.




Two Y8s. Both run, no trans on either. On the left has yet another bearing prob. But was yanked immediately when discovered. Block may be reusable. On the right is a complete one (minus trans), minor head gasket leak. Both are unknown milage. In the middle, auto trans with damaged mounting brackets. Box has two intake manis, 4 uncut wiring harnesses, one from a 98 ex and three from 99 ex. A p series ecu. Don't know how to tell the exact spec, but it is not a p28 because I looked for that number everywhere and didn't see it. (only code I know) There is at least one disty, one alt and a throttlebody.




(Bad picture) Tight fit. Had to crawl out a window to get out. I think I need a bigger garage, or less computers, or maybe a smaller truck...:ninja:


btw, that garage is big enough for 6 mid size cars to fit in it with room to spare and that is all the room there was for one pickup.

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Yea, garage is 34x32. if it wern't for the stuff I can easily fit 6 vehicles in the garage. The rest of the space is filled with computers, not just any old stuff.

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got my parts, this is the inventory now


d16z6 head - good condition

d16y8 head - good condition

d16y8 head - had blown gasket, head might be warped

d16y8 block - good condition

d16y8 block - possible bearing problem

d17a2 block - possible bearing problem but block may still be usable. Its a bit rusty so will definately need some machine work to be used again


D-Auto Trans with broken mounting flanges (from car accident)

3x AT intake manifolds

3x uncut harness from 99ex

1 uncut harness from 98ex

2x Distributor


3 sets of oem plug wires

2 front seats from 99ex (charcoal)

ECU from AT 99ex(or 98, don't remember)


That is my haul from one day of collecting


Should have another Z6 head, a MT EX trans from a 95, a 95 uncut harness and the same ECU from the 95 MT EX within a week.


Duplicates on some things because it they were take-all offers to buy. If I didn't take it all I got nothing.

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