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SWAT raided Johnny Tran's crib


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4 arrested in ID-theft probe

Multiagency probe resulted in arrests in Westminster, Garden Grove and Midway City.



Four people suspected to be part of an identity-theft ring in Orange County were arrested in Westminster, Garden Grove and Midway City earlier today, Santa Ana Police Department spokesman Baltazar De La Riva said.


"We are looking for one more suspect," De La Riva said.


Officials have not yet released the names of the four who were arrested.


A multiagency investigation, including the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach police departments, stemmed from a report of identity theft made in March 2006.


Police suspect a ring is responsible for more than 90 incidents resulting in the fraudulent purchase of about $250,000 in merchandise from high-end department stores and other businesses, De La Riva said.


The merchandise ranged from Louis Vuitton purses to a Lexus suspension that cost several thousand dollars. The identify theft ring preferred high-end department stores such as Nordstrom, Macy's and Nieman Marcus, De La Riva said.


Police confiscated several articles of clothing with tags still attached in a home in Westminster and confiscated a Lexus.


The 10-month investigation resulted after the Santa Ana Police Department was contacted by Nieman Marcus to report a suspect who appeared to be involved in identity theft through the use of fraudulent credit cards.


Santa Ana police investigators identified the suspect, who had ordered more than $15,000 in merchandise from a Nieman Marcus in San Francisco and requested to have the merchandise delivered to a Santa Ana residence.


Undercover officers delivered merchandise to the Santa Ana residence and arrested several people, who were released pending further investigation.


Investigators identified more victims of identity theft in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, which lead to the multiagency operation.


Police served five search warrants resulting in the arrest of four suspects, including one juvenile. Some of the suspects are related, De La Riva said.




His VIP Celsior




His female partner in crime, which by the way looks cute just from the side..


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