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What's happening to the internet?


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It has been my observation that the average internet users' IQ has slowly been declining. Not to say that people who use the internet are getting dumber, but that dumber people are getting online and causing the average to decline.


If you think of it this way: In the beginning (early days of personal computers mid-80's) there were computers and the users were highly educated individuals (accountants, professors, engineers) and/or the advanced computer geek. Although not always true, these people tended to be more intelligent that the average individual. As time has gone on, the price of a computers came down and the userfriendlieness of a computer has increased. It has gotten to the point where any person with two nickels to rub together and the ability to find an electrical outlet is getting on the internet.


This is gallingly apparent for people who sell computer parts on the internet (like myself). You have the convienance of eBay coupled with the decreasing intelligence of the average user resulting in comments like the following:


Does this item come with Windows installed? (In referance to a broken laptop with no hard drive and doesn't power on)


Do you ship to Italy? (auction says "worldwide shipping", last I checked Italy was still located on Earth)


Will this CDROM IDE Cable work on my IDE CDROM? (do I need to comment?)


Will this stick of memory work in my computer? (nothing wrong with the question, but I cannot read minds and telling me what computer you have would assist me greatly)


I have an HP. (in reference to the previous comment. At this point I just told the guy no, it will not work. I only sell items that work in Hewlett Packard systems)


My one and only negative feedback (out of about 600) came from a guy that bought a notebook that was sold as a broken unit, sold as-is with no drives or memory. His complaint? "Trash laptop, it doesn't power on and you forgot to ship the ram. I want my money back."


I rest my case.

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