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Accord stalling out...


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Hey guys...long time lurker first time poster...thanks for a great forum!




Heres my deal. I had a 87 (I think) Accord that had 200,000 miles on it. It was stalling out every once in a while but could easily be resatarted. Then it started doing it every few miles or so, then one time it just didn't restart. I got it fixed by a buddy who is no longer here but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.


So NOW 2 years later I find myself with an 88 Honda accord that is doing the same thing. It has 206,000 miles on it and runs like a champ otherwise. It's a stick so when it stalls I can usually drop it down a gear and bump start it, but it is now starting to do ot every few minutes.


Since it is almost identical to my problem a few years ago I am assuming it is the same problem.


Is there something that happens when honda hit 200,000? Do you have any idea on how to fix it? I am afraid to take it to a shop, but that is whatg I amy have to do.


Any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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Unfortunetly it could be a whole host of things. Things from fuel pump, distributor, coil, sensors, and so on. If I were you I'd just take it somewhere, as long as you think it will act up for them. I'm having a stalling problem with my car too, but it has only done it twice in the past few months. I can't get it to act up when I can check things so it's near impossible to diagnos. Let me know what you find out if ever do!

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