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This is one baaadass SRT4.


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idle clip


Vs Z06 corvettes:

vs two vettes


"1) 2007 427ci Corvette z06

Mods are as follows:

Corsa Catback Exhaust


2) 2004 AMS built SRT-4

Mods are as follows:

AMS37r Turbo Kit

AMS Built Head

AMS Built Block

AMS Tuned


AMS Lower IC Pipe

AMS 4" Intake

Oliver Rods

Wiseco Pistons .02" over

O-Ringed Block

Stock Head Gasket

Form-N-Function Perf Intake Mani

DCR Billet Oil Gear

MADI Crank

SI Valves 1mm over

1g Crane Springs

Crower S3 Cams


MSD Ignition

1600cc Injectors

Twin 290lph Fuel Pumps

Clutch Master FX700



3) 2004 408ci Corvette z06

Mods are as follows:

LS2 403 built by Xtreme Horsepower, 4" forged eagle crank, forged eagle H beam rods, ARP rod bolts, ARP main bolts, 4.005" wiseco pistons -8CC, rings file fitted for N20, everthing was balanced blue printed, clearance, etc. I was told CR on the sb is 10.8:1 if i were using stock LS1 heads unmilled.

Dart 225cc/80cc Stg3 hand ported and hand finished bob at precision porting and coatings, coated, 2.055/1.60, 62cc chambers, 314@.600, patriot gold dual springs

ARP head bolts

ARP crank bolt

powebond 25% underdriven pulley

DTP STG2 23X/24X lift, .60x/.60x, 112+2, installed -6 Daves total performance in Ohio

DTP ported fast 90 Daves total performance in Ohio

S2 ported LS2 90

billet double roller timing set

LS2 lifters

comp push rods

LS6 rockers

42# SVO injectors

vortex true ram air

BPP carbon fiber air bridge

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the input shaft has nothing to do with power

stock SRT's break them


it connects the shift lever to the actually tranny to tell it which gear is it in


um what? the input shaft is the splined one sticking out of your bellhousing, that goes into your clutch.

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