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Pyro's new project


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Well since we broke the rail the other day, and have to wait for parts, (broken cv cage, luckily they are warranted for life lol) I decided to bring in my next project.


Not quite Honda related, but still.....


Its a 57 ragtop....here are some pics of the mess I've gotten myself into








can't wait to start taking the body off this week, and start sand blasting the frame!

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looks like its been sitting in the sun for a few years , lol. it actually doesnt look that bad though pyro , given the fact its older than us , substantially , lol. a 57 wow , never see any that old around much. still got the gas heater under the front hood? I HATE THOSE FUKIN THINGS , lol. they have no defrost , so you cant defog the window , lol. and if your cold and turn the heat on , youl freeze to death while one leg gets 2nd degree burns , hahaha.

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Worked on it a little tonight, took off fenders and hood.


more rust.....sigh.....



Need new pans... small hole....lol



I have to check, but I don't think thats the right rear apron for this year of beetle....




xxscaxx, I have a few plans for the engine


2.0 bus case and vanagon heads

Dtm upright cooling

Custom ground turbo cam

96mm flat top pistons, and mahle cylinders

stock rods w/ 3/8” arp studs

1 5/8” Sidewinder exhaust modified for turbo

garratt t3 turbo

70mm mustang throttle body

air to water intercooler

Megasquirt, Wolf, or Haltech engine management, not sure which yet


I’m gonna try my hand at fuel injection for this setup for a few reasons, cheaper, better fuel economy, ease of tune.


I’m not really worried about the engine at the moment tho. It has a stock (from what I can see) 1600 dual port in it now which is a newer engine in itself (late 60’s and early 70’s engine)


I’m planning on selling it once I’m done, so I don’t want to go too radical on anything.

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i dont know how much parts are for those pyro , but your local steel fab place can make you pans. they can take a sheet and press structural bends in them(the grooves pressed in for strength). than you can bend and cut those to fit. cheaper for you if parts are moocho denaro.

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Well I kinda take that back after tonight.....


Started to unbolt the pans (or what was left of them) and found out half of the bolts just spun the "weld in nuts" in the heater channels on the body.....bummer..... So now I have to replace the heater channels (major undertaking, but the second time around is always easier) and spend more money and time in the process..... Also finished ripping out the wiring and what little was left of the headliner.


just spent around $500 on sheet metal parts that will just about finish my "frame", and body.


also I bought a new $20 ebay hvlp paint gun for shooting on a rust preventative


$120 worth of rust bullet (1 Gallon)

^^ bought that special gun for it, because it ruins anything it comes in contact with if not washed immediately after. I had to go to my graduation 2 years ago with silver hands, because I didn't follow directions..... :blush:


$30 worth (2 lbs) of black gloss powdercoat



Still need a good sandblaster soon tho.....

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Did a little more work today and last night, so I'd thought I'd post some pics on the progress.....


First I "unbolted" the body. I say "unbolted" because like 5 of the bolts came out, the rest had to be sheared off with an air chisel.





Dropped the engine, don't know what to do with it yet.....we have a total of 3 just sitting in my garage.....



Wheeled the pan out




body was surprisingly light... like my bro and I picked it up with one hand each..... lol




Now i'm out to remove some pans! I'll post more pics, when I'm done! :thumbsup:

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I'm 19 still.


I've gotten most of the mechanical know how from my dad (he is a mechanic).


The rest I've just picked up over the years, welding, body work, engine building, painting.


the painting and body work, I've been perfecting over the past 2 years with my other beetle, and my job, where me and one other guy restore old trucks.

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Well I got the pans off finally





Lol and I just love this pic, talk about camber.....



Also this afternoon, I removed the brake lines, shifter, pedal cluster, ebrake cables and lever,



I'm gonna call it quits for today, and eat some turkey.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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