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2 annoyances with my 95 Ex wagon


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Even though this is a wagon, I'm sure the identical situations apply to all sedans as well ..........


1) When the sun shines a direct hit on the top of my tan dash, it creates a perfect dead center glare of the dash itself on my windsheild. I imagine if you use Armor All on it, it would even make it worse. It annoys me so much I think I'm going to just keep a small black towel on dash so it absorbs the rays.


2) The Lumbar support sucks, for me anyway. I have never liked lumbar in ANY car but on the EX it does not retract all the way back so the seat is flat like the passenger one. It is not broke, that's just the way it is.


Some may very well like the support and that is understandable as it all depends on how you are built. I find that they all feel like someone is putting their fist in my back and just can't stand them. I am a (again, the way I am built) driver that also likes the seat reclined quite a bit and the more you recline the EX seat the more you feel the lumbar too. If I even try to drive any vehicle with the seat in more of a normal position, it makes me feel like I am pitched too far forward.


SO ................What I will do to fix this lumbar "problem" is hopefully switch the backs of the passenger & drivers seat. EX drivers seat has a up & down adjustment and I do like that and that is why I will attemp to just change the backs.


Anyone else notice any of these "problems"?

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