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Newbie :)


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Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forums but not new to Honda... I have owned my '02 Civic EX for almost a couple years now, purchased in February '05. I love it, and will love it even more when I get everything fixed up on it! :) The funny thing is, I work for Audi (corporate headquarters), but I'm a contractor, so while I'm not eligible to lease an Audi through the company (I can do a supplier purchase, but they're still beyond my price range), I have learned more about Audis than I will probably ever know about Hondas. That happens when your job involves talking to Audi salesmen all day. It has its moments.




Kind of a crummy picture, but you get the idea. That was taken shortly after I bought it... has a few more dings in the doors now! I haven't really made any modifications to it, except a remote starter that I got as a Christmas present last year.


This is my second one... first one was a '96 Ford Escort wagon that my parents bought me as a graduation gift (OK, they made the payments, I paid the insurance... that worked fine for me!), that I finally traded in for this when it needed more in repairs than what I could possibly get out of selling it.


A couple of my friends are Honda enthusiasts, one works in the parts department at the Honda dealership, the other is now a technician... I'm sure one or both may be floating around somewhere on these forums. It's nice because labor = beer and pizza, not $$$. I had my spark plugs and air filters changed last week, and fuel door latch replaced... this weekend it's getting a timing belt. Still needs a new front strut. Has almost 135,000 miles on it now... I have always had long commutes to work. Currently 36 miles one way, used to be 50!


Oh yeah, and I'm a girl... but I'm married. ^_^

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welcome to HF. married eh. hmmmm.o:)

lol, just playing with you. what are your plans for the car if any?


My plans for the car at the moment involve keeping it... can't afford another one. Just keepin' it fixed up. Love the 35-38 mpg I'm getting for my commute (it's basically all highway), I only spend about $30/week on gas, sometimes less.

Hubby is unemployed right now, but if he finds something good, I'll eventually replace his dying '98 Cavalier with this one and get myself something newer... probably another Civic. :D

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you can get better gas mileage by doing some inexpensive mods to the car if you want. (like an air intake, header exhaust) it will also free up some horsepower, nothing crazy, but a little nudge.

cavalier, ewwwwwwww. bleh lol

you should get your hubby a honda, or acura. and if you replace yours, honda/acura. cant go wrong.

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Aww, thanks guys for the nice welcome. :) I don't have too many questions now, but I'm sure I'll think of some later. I'm trying to dream up ways to make it not scream "Family Car" so much.... 'specially since I don't have a family yet!


Depending on whether or not I ever get hired in as a direct employee of VWoA.... our next car will definitely be a Honda. My dream car right now? A Civic Hybrid with navigation and iPod adapter..... *drool*

If I do ever get hired in though, I can lease a VW or Audi through the company and they pay the insurance.... can't beat that!

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I'm trying to dream up ways to make it not scream "Family Car" so much.... 'specially since I don't have a family yet!


_Tint (~$200)

_Lower ($400 for springs and shocks)

_Wheels $~1,000 with tire for an alright brand wheel (black with polished lip])

_Grille (~$80 I'd think)


Just a couple things that will completely change the look of you car for fairly cheap. You could probably pull that for a little over $1,500 with a decent wheel, nothing spectacular though.

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