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Hondaforums infected with a virus (Issue Resolved)

Rick B.

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some of us are experiencing difficulties with hondaforums. what we have in common is that we all viewed a link through the forums that had a trojan virus hidden in the code. here is a link on how to get rid of it. i suggest everybody do a virus scan on their computer.

the virus is


google it to see what it does to your computer.

or use this link dont check your email or any password protected sites if you are infected until the virus is removed from your computer. the virus needs the infected computer's user to access the sites and then it sends out the information to a possible hacker.

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after you open the link i put in, there is a prevention and cure tab that you click on. it takes you through the removal process. you might have to download an antivirus program.

or you can just use the antivirus program you have on your computer. (norton, mcafee, ect)

do a virus scan and quarintine and/or delete the infected files that pop up.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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