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A few problems

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So apparently people who were on HF last night got a Trojan virus from it. That's not good.


I don't have that going on (I wasn't online then so it appears I missed it, luckily) but I have noticed three little problems:

1) When I click the name of the most recently active thread it takes me to a blank screen.

2) After posting a reply it takes me to a blank screen although it does update the page with my reply.

3) Things like searching for the new posts or for my last 10 posts takes me to a blank screen.


Just thought this should be posted in one spot since I've already seen it twice randomly in the forums this morning.


Edit: Just noticed that when posting something it opens a website called something like zrybychx.biz (or some nonsense like that) and then it dishes you to the blank page. Perhaps that's worth checking into.

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trojan among other things , i still cant use the site im lucky i posted this. get on it boys , last time the site wasnt updated properly and some moron hacked it. pretty sad.

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heres the address drew that pops up in the action slot at the bottom when site is loading on IE.






slide497 - all the files that end up getting stopped are ADV497 , NEW497 , so on.

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I never had a problem with Firefox and the virus but when I browsed with IE my virus software instantly popped up. Anyways, this should be fixed now and of course please let me know if you are still having issues. All the blank page issues were related so you should not be seeing this issue anymore either.




btw, you can all jump on AIM or MSN and send me a msg real quick if I'm online or leave me a msg even if I'm idle/away. If it's a virus/hack issue, I want to deal with it right away... That's actually how I found out originally.


Sorry folks,



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I think my computer missed the virus. Bitch kept popping up saying it was detected. I kept moving it to the "virus vault," I don't know this security program on the computer, but "heal" never works, so that is the next bet. My computer seems to run fine and HondaForums is running a little slow, but pretty normal, but I have had a few wierd things happen like Photoshop shutting down, but that's happened before, but we shall see. Hopefully it isn't on my computer. :(

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I got a virus from it. My computer goes hella slow with HF.

Do you happen to know exactly which virus it was?

HF runs super fast for me using Firefox.


Try running an online virus scan.



For those that use Firefox but occasionally need to browse a web page with IE (because it doesn't load correctly or whatever), you can install an addon called IE-Tab. Once installed, there is a little icon in the bottom right of your Firefox browser, which if you click on reloads the existing web page you are on using the IE engine instead of Firefox. So it's like running IE with Firefox tabbed browsing still. Pretty handy!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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