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gasoline fumes


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i have a 97 civic DX, for the last few months i've been smelling gasoline while driving the car and also after it has been sitting overnight. i brought it to a guy i know, who is a head tech at my local honda dealer and we looked over the entire car together. checking the pressure of the tank, looking for leaks from end to end, under the rear seat, in the engine compartment and all the fuel lines. we replaced a rusted filler neck and still had the same results. the entire car had been thoroughly looked at and it was entirely dry. baffled as ever, i am getting the car back today and will see what the outcome is after replacing the original gas cap with a newer updated cap that may also match the new filler neck. neither of us could figure out what the problem is, i find it odd that the fumes were so strong especially for not having a single leak anywhere after replacing the filler neck, any insight on this problem would be appreciated.

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