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Body damage


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Well, I managed to get in a wreck yesterday. Don't really feel like getting into th details of it, but I have a 97 civic EX. I got hit on the driver's side. All the damage is isloated from just right of the driver's door to the bumper. So that whole back section is smashed in.


As far as I can tell, there was no mechanical damage. The car still drivers fine, and the person who hit me was driving a truck, so it was high enough off the ground to not hit my wheel. I found another thread where a guy was in a similar situation, but with an LX, and I believe SSR said it would require welding and cutting to replace. If this is the case, do you think it would even be worth the cost to replace?

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I got the car for $5600. It WAS in great condition. In that other thread SSR said ~$2500 to get something like that replaced. So, probably not worth it. It's so damn depressing to see my car like this though.


Oh well.

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If $$$ of repair / 2 > worth of car then I wouldn't repair it.


I think you got that backwards.....



Cost of car = 1000

Cost of repair = 1500

1500/2 = 750

750 < 1000.....so then you would repair it, even though the car cost 1000, and the repairs cost 1500???



i think you meant to say:

IF: Cost of repairs > Cost of car / 2, THEN DONT repair


So, if the car cost you 5600



Cost of repairs > 5600 / 2

cost of repairs > 2800, dont repair


if repairs are less than 2800, then it might be worth it to repair

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Well, after driving it around some more today, I noticed it makes some pretty horrible noises when I turn or go over bumps. I'm starting to think there might be more wrong with it than I initially thought. I'm going to take it to a few shops in the next couple days and see what they say.


I'm starting to think I might just part it out, get what I can for the good parts (engine and tranny are in great shape, still under 100k miles) and buy another car.

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