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The Sol Is Gone... But I'm Getting A New Car


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i like the masive wing thats on the other evos...and blue or black

Im not much a fan of the EVO's with spoilers... and the RS only comes in white and red... and there are way too many people where i live with white EVO MR's so im gonna get the only other color...


And HELL YES im staying on HF!!!

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I love Evos, but I wouldn't get an RS they are the lower end models of the Evo 9's. If I were to get an Evo it would be an Evo 8, im way to broke to be getting an MR of even an RS at that matter. I <3 my Prelude though

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The RS isn't necessarily the "lower end" model, it's just the light or "Rally Sport" model. Anything that isn't necessary was spared to keep the weight down.


Not a bad idea. I don't think having an MR is the end-all-be-all of Evo's.


Personally I think Evo's are sort of fun until you realize that you need AMS to make good power, which is mucho $$$, but whatever you want dude.

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i'm with ssr, with out that spoiler, looks like a grils lancer. i did see an evo today, without a spoiler, it made me sad, that spoiler is aawsome, along with the whole evo thing.


isn't the mr just a couple grand more? like 5 or so? i'm not sure, but with that much money, may as well get comfort with the all that go.

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I've actually looked it up the RS is lighter, quicker, and easier to tune than the MR... the RS has no radio, nothing in the trunk and the same alluminum parts that the MR does so it weighs in less than the MR which makes it a little quicker off the line and to top end... plus i dont like the in dash CD changer that the MR comes with, and im not a big fan of spoilers... The RS was made off the factory "Ready To Tune The Way You Want."


Correct me if i am wrong on any of this because i hate giving false information...

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Mods list:

- JDM B16A

- AEM short ram intake

- Venom fuel rail

- 16" GT3 Rota wheels

- Nitto Neo Gen tires

- Tokico shocks and Eibach springs - lowered 2.5"

- ACT stage 2 clutch

- Fidanza 8 lb flywheel

- Sony CD player and Eclipse mids/highs

- Custom exhaust

- JDM one piece headlights w/ amber foglight bulbs


buying it off of ebay in a few weeks...


And hell no there is nothing wrong with a teggy! :laugh:

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