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That movie was soooo funnyy


























































































































It sucked

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just saw it, and it was pretty funny. lots of unexpected crapt goin on. the frat is probably sueing him because they looked like retards in the movie

The frat is sueing them because they got them drunk and had them sign movie release forms. But the thing was is that they said they were something else, like liability waivers for using their trailers or something. In other words they got PWNED

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My friends and I use that line all the time with each other now.


Article about Romania in short:

The company paid everyone in the movie the equivalent of 6 bucks and did whatever they wanted in the town (like bringing a cow into the house the "borrowed" with 60 bucks for 3 days of filming). Basically they gave the absolute minimum and took the absolute maximum and moved on.

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