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Boost and cam selection

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Here is a post by Rocket from another forum. M22X is the RM all motor cam. M21X is the turbo cam. Discuss the difference in powerband.


P-po (pronounced Pep-Po), a well known engine builder and tuner, in Puerto Rico had a customer come to him to tune his ITR camm'ed turbo motor. The car tuned made 450whp. P-po told him he could easily make more power. P-po showed him some M21's and said these would make more power. The customer didn't believe him so he put the M21's in and re-tuned and gaind 45whp.


I wouldn't use M22x for turbo unless you want to spin the motor past 12k, M21's work fine to 11k.


A few tuner's in PR have had great success RM camshafts. Another motor worhty of mention was a all motor BVTEC motor built by Morocota. Made 270whp on gas in a car driven on the streets. There are videos of this car, a 86 CRX, being barely beat by a high hp turbo car.

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