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Weight/throttle question.

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heavy pistons? dude , your cracked. why would heavy pistons be in the car to begin with you know what i mean? and you call me stupid , about as stupid as your threads about nothing.

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driving along with car at high revs , and let off the gas , this is his stupid ass scenario , and he wants you to say , that it can produce a thrown rod , or a spun bearing which will result in the same thing shortly after.


but its bogus , trying to make himself look smart , bullcrap. cause OEM pistons are not heavy , neither are any aftermarket pistons , so therefore , this is bullcrap thread about a bullcrap scenario. posted by a bullcrap member.

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OEM pistons are designed for the engine , so what are you saying? i dont get this. i dont know much about the D16A1 , i admit it , never worked on many ZC engines , be it sohc or dohc. although theres not much diff. so for me to say D16A1 pistons arent heavy would be a lie cause i dont know. as far as B16B pistons go , they are anything but heavy.


i thought you were talking about throwing a rod SSR , i think hes talking about piston rod stretch maybe , i dont know i give up , lol.

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CTR pistons are heavy...


B16A PR3 299g

B16B PCTX 327g

B18A/B PR4 280g

B18C P72 305g

B18C5 P73 310g

B20B 312g


Look at the big end of the rod when thinking about the question.

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