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From 88 - 95 and Honda STILL has these minor annoyances


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I had a 88 CRX SI (wifes actually), a 91 Accord SE and now a 95 Accord EX wagon and all three eventually got semi siezed heater temp control knobs that would only move approx 50% of their total range due to the cables not moving properly and all three had the glove cpmpartment door latch screws come loose.


Very minor annoyances for sure but find it odd after 7 years the "problem" still exist.


This EX also has a none working motorized antenna which should be a fairly easy fix also. On the SE the antenna never really stopped working and sounded like a machine gun when it was in the retracting mode. I think that was due to some of the plastic teeth being worn off that strip that the motor gear engages to.


I'm not sure if most other makes power antennas eventually stop working too or this is more a Honda trait, anyone know?


Does it even go past 95 that the heater temp cable needs replacing? At least I think that is the problem?

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I never had any of those problems with my 93 accord, or my wife's 94 civic...


And power antenna's are notorious for failing on all sorts of vehicles, due to weathering (especially when they get frozen over with ice, lol). It's not just Honda's on that front. Probably why car makers stay away from them.

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