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Honda Accord ORB II Code


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My son is at college and had the check engine light come on his 2003 Accord EX. He called Honda and of course they wanted $85.00 to check the computer for the code problem. He went to Advance Auto Parts and they hooked it up and got the following reading:


O2 Sensor Heater

Cicuit Malfunction

(Bank 1 Sensor 2)


When he called the dealership they told hime it would run about $450.00. He doesn't have that kind of money so I was wondering if this code is for one or both of the O2 sensors and if they are are they that difficult to replace. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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o2 sensors arent difficult to replace. id replace both of them at once. just unbolt them, unplug them and then replace them with the new ones.


dealerships always try to ass rape you with the prices, mostly for labor. just go to your local autoparts store and you can get the o2 sensors for way cheaper.


once you have the new sensors in be sure to disconnect the battery at least for 30 seconds and reconnect it, that resets everything.

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