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Delayed Acceleration


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I consistently have delayed acceleration on my 2004 Accord EX-L. I usually see it when slowing down to almost a stop and then starting again. I've also seen it when coasting and then pressing the gas pedal. I push the gas and it doesn't respond for a good 1+ seconds. Has anyone else seen this? Do I have a transmission problem?


Side Note: It seems to not happen as much when in overdrive (D3).

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I swear that sounds exactly what happened to my bro's camry. He broke 3 our of 4 motor mounts and when he pressed the acclerator it would go slow and then kick in and jerk forward.


See where I'm coming from??


EDIT: It could even be a vacuum leak. The reason why it doesn't have any affect in overdrive is because there's so much air going into the engine that a leak has almost no effect at WOT.

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