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The Cosworth and XR4Ti are way different, they are not the same thing.

Cosworth was just a special model of an Escort.





Search Ford Cosworth, and see if you find ANYTHING that looks like the second car.








so your saying that ford cosworth doesnt look anything like the xr4ti. maybe the cosworth i put is like a different kinda cosworth but its made by ford. but as you can see, theyre the same thing.

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I was going to say......those still aren't the same car. Maybe he's blind because the ebay auction looks different than the XR4ti. The escort cosworth as he said (the newer cosworths) are the bad machines.

well i mean they look slightly different. but pratically the same. like in the case of a talon and a like yeared eclipse. but i seriously dont think the cosworth sierra on ebay and the other white xr4ti look very very different.

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so while we're on the topic of Big Block Engines....a guy at my work just put in a 540 cubic inch engine (Maryland 540) in his Stingray and has direct port nitrous hooked up....he ran a 6.999 with a 454 and nitrous...hmmm 5's maybe?

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FORD backwards = driver returns on foot , lol.


im with xalex , no way that car ran a 6.9. that car be lucky to turn 10's. lucky. ill give you a comparison 90 , a top fuel dragster has 6000 horsepower , lol , and it runs 5's , lol. 1200 horse supras and skylines run 9's. a 454 with nothing but a shot of NOS , might be good for 500whp(still doubt it , if were talking a stock engine) , but of course more torque.

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