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How long can a Civic last?


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I'm about to purchase my first commuter vehicle. My wife and I have been suffering with only one car (CR-V) and we've had it! So we're biting the bullet to buy a second car. Obviously a honda is my first choice. I'm looking to purchase a used car, but I'm not sure how old is too old or how many KMs (I'm from Canada) is too high.


What's the highest mileage you've heard for a Civic? Or any honda for that matter? The cars I'm looking at have just under 100,000 Kms...trying to figure out how many good years I can get out of this kind of car.



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If properly maintained a honda will easily hit over 250,000 miles. There's even a million mile honda accord out there somewhere. Never seen that (at least reported) with any other manufacturer.


Yea, my next door neighborish - lol lives in the same neighborhood, had a 88 model civic wagon...


i believe it had 700k miles on it. i was like WHOA. this car was bone stock. i think it blew the head gasket tho around 716k. and it was from lack of oil.


but yea, it'll last "forever" if maintained properly.

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well, any car can last 250000+, with just taking care of the car, before buying, i would suggest a carfax, simple maintence takes care of cars, all these hondas that last are probaly well taken care of, you get a 95 civic auto and it has problems at 90k, its gonna last, but it'l have problems and youl probaly cough up more.


ive seen people do some really stupid stuff, if you decide to buy a used civic, a good year civic would probaly be 98 and up, its 8 years older, most of the 98s and up have little around 60000-100000 miles on, not sure whats that in km.

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I'm scoping out '02-'03 civics with under 100K (not sure what that is in miles) on them. So it sounds like as long as I keep on top of things and don't buy a lemon I'm good for about a kajillion KMs! :D


MY CRV is about 4yrs old with about 90K on it and it still runs like new! Sounds like it takes quite a while before Honda's show their age mechanically...unlike GMs or Fords.

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mine 91 civic had 430,000k on it , still ran strong , i sold it to a young guy who now races it in thunderclass circuit(sohc only , must run 70 series tires). he put it in the wall halfway through last year , fixed it and its still running strong , lol. to give you an idea of what kind of racing this is , its oval racing , they dont get out of 2nd gear. its like 1/8 mile oval.

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