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Smaller wheels have smaller rotating.


Not exactly smaller rotating mass. mass is relating to weight and rotation has to do with motion or velocity.


This might be hard to comprehend. Imagine sticking a small color strip of tape on the side of your wheel. Now imagine it rotating (car moving forward/backwards). The amount of time to make a complete rotation is a little faster on a small wheel than say a 26" wheel.

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The amount of time to make a complete rotation is a little faster on a small wheel than say a 26" wheel.


The time is no different. The distance that piece of tape travels is farther because the diameter is larger.


Sorry to disagree with you TL, but just to (re)visualize your scenario, stick a red piece of tape on the outer edge of your tire. Then stick a blue piece of tape a little closer to the middle of the wheel. Now when the wheel turns, both colors will rotate around the center axle at the same speed. The red just appears to be slower because it covers a greater distance.


In other words, red moves slower, but covers greater distance...blue moves faster, but covers less distance.

Anyone, feel free to expand upon this...

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Yeah, man. Haven't you ever noticed that a record spinning is not spinning in thousands of different pieces. The outiside travels a greater distance faster than the inside rings. It's just a fact.


Small wheels just tend to weigh less, but VR17 is right about the fact that usually when you go up in rim size you go down the same amount in tire size unless you go way up.

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well okay, i see it like this. I have a set of JDM Accord Lxi rims(quite rare actually) on my rex. I had 17" Enkies on there before the 13s.


I see when running the 13s, i am turnin a very small rim w/ a bit more rubber which has AIR in it...


when i run the 17s, im turnin a lot of metal and very little air.


it's a weight thing, not necessarialy mass, but weight. it was easier to run my 13s faster than the 17s. PERIOD.


also, with a smaller rim, you can drop your car a lot lower. lol.

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