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06 Civic Si vs 07 MazdaSpeed 3


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i know solles is an advocate for the new si...and i was skeptical until yesterday. i was driving along with one for a few miles on the interstate. it was a blast, i had never really seen it in action...and i was extremely impressed with how it performs.


but i got the new road and track today, the 07 mazdaspeed3 has a turbo 2.3 at 260bhp

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There's no way SolLes. Evo's with Intake and Exhaust run 12's. The new SI run low 15's stock. The guys on Clubsi.com with I/H/E and Hondata Reflash are hitting low 14's and just a few of the good drivers are hitting high 13's. That wouldn't be close to beating a stock EVO. I call BS unless you can show a video of an SI w/ I/H/E Hondata breaking into the 12's.

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I've never seen an EVO run 12 off an exhaust. New DP and all of that is different story.


Since when is a DP not an exhast component? Even still, I've seen stock EVO's run 13.2. A 230whp SI with I/H/E Hondata is not going to run a 13.2. They're barely breaking into the 13's with those mods. Granted that 13's with just those mods is impressive, it's still nowhere near as fast as a stock EVO let alone one with I/E.

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i agree w/ solles - Mazda = Fords....Fords suck.


But, okay, are u looking for reliability? the life of the car? what?


Mazdas will last tops 10 years w/ mods....


Hondas will last.....a loooooonngggg ass time w/ mods.


i have proof as well. My friend has a 96 Mazda MX-3 V6. he has millenia heads and a millenia intake w/ a custom igintion. He has more problems w/ that car than i've ever seen w/ n e one else. On the other hand, i know someone that has a 88 Civic HB w/ cam, bigger pistons, bigger injectors, and fuel rail. it has around 400k miles on it. it's still runnin like a top and never been rebuilt.


I'd say go for honda. they adapt better to mods. mazdas hate the mods unless if u rebuild the motor every time....That MX-3 is wayy faster than my car tho...he can own a GSR....and i mean, OWN. but still...i dont think it's worth the trouble. he has that car, and a stock MX-3(which he already had to rebuild. he's only had it around 2 years).


just my input, dont hate.

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10 years? The longevity has nothing to do with it. It's all about how many miles are put on the car. For example my dad's 2001 S2000 has 12,000 miles on it. That's an average of 2000 miles per year. At that rate his car will last about 80 - 100 years easily without many (if any) problems. Compare that to my car that gets driven around 30,000 miles a year. My car might last 10-15 before I need to do an overhaul.


I do see the point you are trying to make, you just should have stated the miles a car would last and not the years.

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