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Freshly Detailed GSR....you might be amazed

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Well I did a full detail on my teg over labor day weekend. I just had a chance to take some pictures last night. Unfortunately it was an overcast so the pictures aren't the best they could have been. Still pretty amazing IMO though.




Car Clayed w/ Meguiars Clay Bar

Trim taped off

Polished with SFX-2 by PC @ Speed 5

Polished wtih SFX-3 by PC @ Speed 5

Sealed with Meguiars M21 by PC @ Speed 3 (Removed by Microfiber)




Clayed w/ Megs Clay Bar

Sealed with Meguiars M21


Headlights got same treatment as the paint


Let me know what you guys think.








This is the reflection of the driver's side of the car



This is a reflection of the passenger side of the car



Another passenger side reflection



This is suppossed to show the pearl in the paint, but I had a hard time getting it to capture right.



And my reflection in the driver's side door


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You need to find a different sealant then. ONe of the big reasons I went with the M21 is because it sheets water instead of beading. When it rains on my car now, there's only a few drops of water left to drop off. If I'm driving in the rain, my car's completely dry when I stop.


Also rain is soft water, so it shouldn't spot your car unless it was dirty to begin with. At least my car never spotted unless already dirty.

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you put the last coat on with the buffer?


my only suggestion, and this is because i'm a professional car detailer, is that the VERY LAST thing you should do to the outside, is a HAND wax, just a light one, do not ask me why but our cars always came out just that much better with it.


but thats just me, you did an awesome job man, not many people would take the time to do it like that, good job .

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looks good man.


you have a CF hood right??


IMO it's hard to polish and wax them b/c i have one too....but the guys at mercedes say i should try boat polish b/c that's what they used on that all carbon fiber saleen S7(i think that's what it was)


what do you use?

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Mt. Dew - I appreciate your suggestion, but I highly disagree. I've tried it both ways and have spoken with hundreds of professional detailers on a detailing forum I'm on, and 99% of them agree that it looks better when applying it by pc. A couple of guys even did a side by side comparison of hand wax vs machine and the machine looked noticably better. Not only that but it's much easier to get a nice even, thin coat when using the p/c and a finishing pad. Results are even better when removed with a microfiber bonnet by pc. You are definately entitled to your opinion though.


90- Actually the gel coat on my carbon fiber went bad about a year ago and started seperating from the carbon fiber. I had a body shop sand the entire gel coat off and put a few coats of clear on it. So, since the surface of mine is clearcoat and not gel coat, I can polish/wax it the same way I do the rest of the car. I know what you mean though....before I had it redone I would have a hard time not getting streaks.


B16B - Overall process took me about 6 hours or so. It's hard to say exactly since I split it between 2 days.

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hung, that looks amazing man, madd props brea


solless, haha who would ever think of putting peanut butter on rims, but i guess if it works then do it


EBP, your just hatin becase you cant grow one (i agree with you though)

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