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95 front end conversion

95Civic Cx hatch

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i have a 95 civic cx hatch i was lookin to put a integra front end on.cause my buddy has a 92civic si hatch wit a integra front end and i asked him about it and he said for his car it was a built on. so i wanted to now if it is that easy for mine.

well ive never done it but i know youll need, an integra front bumper, integra fenders, integra headlights, and possibly a hood. youll prolly need to replace the core support as well, and you may need to do some wiring work with the headlights cuz im not sure if the integra headlights wire in the same as the civics. general process, your going to need to replace the core support with the integra core support. youll need to swap out the hatch bumper for the teg bumper. mold the front half of the teg fenders to the back half of the civic fenders. then youll prolly have to mold the teg hood to the civic hood, if the civic hood or the teg hood wont fit on the car. it requires a lot of fabrication, and bondo. imo it will look stupid. most honda to honda front end conversions look stupid.

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you're car will look stupid


i hate the integra front end, so does everyone with a brain who owns one.


thats why they switch to the integra type-r front end without the round stupid headlights.


OH btw, my brother just finished his ITR front end conversion on his GSR.

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Hey on all conversions you need to measure the length of the frt clip so the hood an all lines up the rest is just cutting and welding as well as a littel fiberglass ive been working on a 91 to 96 conversion on my hatch i did it in 3 days so it a littel off but ill fix it eventaly980378241_m.jpgand its on cans the hood scoops are gone as well

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