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Different Style Plates

Buddy Cole

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It's illegal. It's even illegal to modify your plate in any way. For example. If you trim a 1/4" off the top so it will fit in your grill, that's illegal....even if you haven't removed anything important off the plate. Anyway, definately illegal to run a plate other than the one they issue you, even if it's the same numbers.

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definitely can't have them on the back. in WV, you're not required to have a license plate in the front, so you could put one in the front and it would be just fine. but in some places like california, you have to have the same plate front and back, correct? i would imagine a lot of other states are the same.

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vermont you have to have both plates 'clearly visable'. too bad i dont feel like drilling holes in my new bumper

haha, i felt the same way too. and i got a hella fat ticket, for having my license plate in my winshield. i know cusco makes license plate relocators so you dont have to drill holes in your bumper. i do know however, with europlates, the cool thing about them is, is that theyre really long, and so what you can do, is you can put the europlate down first, then put your state plates on top of it. and people will think your imported your car. i wish it was the same with japanese plates cuz id sooo do that.

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