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Need some opinions. Blown out head gasket! oh no.


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Alright so im in a bit of a predicament here. I got this car for my birthday like 3 months ago and i tried as much as i could to keep maintenance up on it. I drive a 97 honda accord v6 ex. I've put new spark plugs, new battery, new rotor, new brakes, new tires, had oil changed twice within 5,000 miles. See now i have a problem though from my previous post i showed pictures of what you guys thought was wrong with the car but i did a little more researching and i figure its a blown head gasket. So the question is my car has 192k miles on it and the people at the dealership said i have loud valve train noise coming from my engine but they said it could last 300 miles or 40,000 miles they dont know. But they told me this during my last repair and im going straight through the dealership. But now i have a blown out head gaskter the estimate price to get it repaired is $800. The question is i got the $800 from my dad and its the last of the money im getting this year and the only reason i got it is because im missing the first days of school right now because i dont have a f*cking car. So should i try to sell this honda and use that money and the $800 to get a beater car? Or should i just get it repaired because it seems like everything else is running fine like the transmission is a beast so i wont ever have to worry about that going out. The engine kind of sounds loud but im not sure if that means anything or not really. Because the dealership people told me it was because of loud valve train noise coming from the engine. It doesn't overheat or anything of that sort. It just smokes from under the engine where i showed on my last post because of the oil and coolant leaking out which is causing the white smoke which is mainly because the head gasket is blown. So should i take this into the dealership and get it fixed? Or should i run around used car lots today to see if theyd do a trade in + me give them $800 to get some kind of beater car to last me til christmas. But first i have to find this beater car. I was just wondering if its worth getting it fixed since ive put all this work into it kind of. People please do let me know what you think i will be checking these forums all day today for opinions. Or any other further questions you guys want to know let me know. It's in average condition if you had to rate from Excellent,good,average,poor.

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i would try and fix it. if everything else is fine then keep the car. if you spend 800 on a beater, that will be 800 just to buy it, then youll be dumping more money into that just to keep it running. fix the accord, hondas run forever

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