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the woman who dissregarded the check engine light


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well, apparently my mom has noticed that the red square (check engine light) has been on for about 4 thosuand miles. and now that all bad has happened its up to me to fix it. so i guess the lights been on, and the car drives fine i suppose theres a few small noises that shouldnt be there, weve been noticing that its extremely hard to turn the key to start it, and turn it to take it out. she never really took good care of this car, as far as it getting serviced on its service dates, and im sure the guy who had the car before her didnt service the car like it shoudl have been serviced. so i told her that yah she can take it to the honda dealership, and probably spend over a grand to fix w/e is wrong with it, and spend prolly more on that to get all the services up to date. or, she can find a bigger, more powerful motor, thats has lower miles for about the same price. she has a 94 accord dx, and im thinking the cheapest and easiest swap for her is an h22. the problem is, is that she wants to have an automatic; which is good cuz usually when you do a swap for an automatic motor you save hella. so as i said, she has a stock f22b2, and im thinking a h22 swap would be best for her. my question is if i get just the motor and ecu, will the tranny bolt up, and will i need anyhting else for the swap. and also if i get just any random h22 will it work with my f22 tranny. does the motor itself have to be a m/t or a/t?

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im sure it will , but not 100% on that(as im more a civic and teg guy). get some H series dudes to answer ya. doesnt matter if engine is auto or manual , no difference. but the ECU;s are different and you need an auto one.

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Im all H. The H22 should swap right it but it depends on what H22 you buy, there is the JDM type S that comes with a 5 speed hydro tranny but that is a 4000 dollar motor, the regular H22 should only cost you between 1000-2000 since you dont need a transmission, you will need the H22, ECU, mounts and you should be good to go.

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