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fast idle valve


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dont mess with this screw, it is hart to get it back to the proper idle.


if you are having irradic idle problems CHECK your Fast Idle Thermal Valve, it is somewhere in your manual, just look for the keyword THERMAL, there is an o-ring/gasket that might be leaking causing your idle to be iradic, if your idle is too high, it might be a vacuum prolem, check all the hoses and lines.


if that doesnt work try cleaning out your IACV, it is located in the back section of your engine, attatched behind the throttle body. it has two bolts, and a few coolant hoses. remove everything, and take out the IACV then clean well with brake/carb cleaner. repace and test.


DO NOT MESS WITH THE HEX SHAPED SCREW ON THE IACV that will only cause more problems.


another problem could be the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) it is what controlls the throttle response.


Here is all that shold be checked/replaced/cleaned:

1. PCV Valve


3. Fast Idle Thermal Valve

4. Vacuum lines

5. TPS (throttle positioning sensor)



Good luck, i've learned all this from experience on my civic hatch...

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