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2200lb b18c del sol vs. mercedes c320

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ok, so tinight i get made fun of by 19 year old girl driving around in mommy and daddy's $$$ ... didnt get a good look but it's either a mercedes c230 kompressor, or c320... none the less, i will assume its the 320 as it has 215hp/221ft/lb at the crank as the other is less with the supercharged inline four at 189hp/192ft/lb, so im giving her the benifit of the doubt, assuming its the c320... she weighs 3385 bone stock(this car was bone stock other than tampons in the glove box and such) she challenges me to a race... its 1am, im not in the mood i wanna go to bed, so we set a date... we're gonna make a run. i have a '93 del sol b18c jdm... weighing in at about 2250lb race trim(sans subs and amps and such) as we know this is about 180hp/129ft/lb... assuming i turbo at 7-8psi(this is in the works very soon) let me know if im crazy but should put me up around 250hp crank... maybe a bit more, im trying to be conservative here. and im not sure but maybe around 200 ft/lb... am i crazy to say that it may be a close race with me on my gsr swap? i think kinda close... i told her that i will be turbo by the time we run... she says "hahaha, ill walk your a$$ b!tch". NOW assuming all of that... heres what i have come up with...


Mercedes c320 (six speed)

hp 215

tq 221

lb 3385

lb/hp 15.74

lb/tq 15.31


'93 del Sol si b18c swap, msd full ignition, exhaust, vafc (tuned), poly mounts, centerforce clutch

hp 180

tq 129

lb 2250-2230

lb/hp 12.77

lb/tq 17.8


'93 del Sol si b18c swap (same mods) 7-8psi boost safely

hp 250

tq 200

lb 2300-2350

lb/hp 9.40

lb/tq 11.75


... NOW call me crazy, it may be close as i sit now... however i am absolutly positave that i am a better driver as she sped off granny draggin the clutch... and in my opinion it wont be even close nomatter who drives my car if im runnin boost...


i would really like anyones input... i am turboing anyways... just wondering what your thoughts are assuming shes runnin the c320 with mine either stock and boosted...let me know your opinion either way. I THINK SHES CRAZY!

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LOL nice ^

Don't drag race try taking ur car up to the mountains once in a while and then see how that 3300 lb merc does. i think hondas belong more in circuit races, the high end tuning on hondas works out perfectly for circuit tracks and honda's corner oh so well. anyone ever taken a g-meter for a test in their car?

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