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This place looks pretty cool


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i came across this site by accident. but i registered and started reading some posts. i have to say that i'm really impressed with the members of this site. i haven't seen any flaming, and everyone seems pretty open minded to all different types of cars. i was on a honda board in the past where they bashed anything american, then they bashed each other, i like just about every car that's out there.


my cars are:

96 mazda 626 ES V-6

92 ford explorer VLT V-6

84/93 dodge daytona Iroc Turbo

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Hey 0verb00st,


Thanks for stopping by.


We appreciate the kind words.  So far we haven't had any real flaming on the board, just a few posts of people advertising.


Although this site is catered more towards Hondas and Acura's, we do have a general automotive forum for other types of cars, American or not.  We will try and keep this site open to peoples opinions about any kind of car as long as it does not get out of hand.  We do respect peoples opinions about cars and such but when it starts to turn racial or extreme bashing, we will step in and moderate if we have to.


This is why we are currently looking for dedicated moderators to join our team and help keep the forum, somewhat under control.  We are a fairly new board and are slowly growing.  We recommend you invite anybody you would like to the board to help it continue to grow.


We'll see you around...

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