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crv block anybody?


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A mechanic at a tuning shop said he would build me a circut car to run at Willow Springs Ca. My engine-a B20 from the CRV. Starting around 210hp & 285flbs of torque and throw on a gsr head for the v-tech, a full stroker kit, either crower or type-r cams and he said it would put me at around 350-400hp about $6,500 to $7,000. Not including all my suspension. Right now I have the D15b(sohc non v-tech 106hp). I live in Palmdale, Ca home of Los Angeles County Raceway(LACR). Wed. and Fri. nights $20 from 5:30-10:00pm as many times as you can get back in line. I ran a best of 18.9, needless to say I can't wait for my motor! Will see, that's a lot of money! Any one you know tried this?

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B20's don't come with 210hp or 285ft/lbs.



Haha, at 350-400hp from a NA B20.



It's spelled VTEC.



7000 dollars would get you about 220whp from a B20.



And your D15 can run better than 18.9. You need to learn to drive.

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yeah you go do that and don't forget to add some V-TECH






ha did you say a honda engine came with 285 lb/tq? wtf.


and that set-up won't give you 400 whp....subtract about 180 from that... :p

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Dont get GSR head, Get a B16 head.


And wow... a 18.9.... come on man, learn how to f*cking drive... I think i could run faster than that.



get a GSR head, makes power sooner and is dyno proven to make slightly better HP than the b16. its not all about the flow.


oh yeah, and lmao at the poster, hahahahaha

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Well MT. Dew, yes and no. GSR head makes good power, and no, it's not all about the flow. But, it all depends on the setup you use inside each head, who ports it, that makes one better than the next.



I'd go B16, mainly because when ported well, it performs amzingly. As does any other head, but I just prefer the B16.

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No, most people do B16 head because GSR heads are not as plentiful.



You can find a B16 head anywhere. A good GSR head is somewhat hard in some cases, but still find-able.



Most people don't know crapt about flow.

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So then what do you got in yours, and what are some track times you've heard of from different engines? Oh and htf do I get a pic of my car on here?


photobucket account

upload pics from comp.

3rd box down copy

raply box here-paste

many many function.

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yea I know, but the track was really crapy that day. I guess it isn't that good of a track, they never clean it. I am going there again next month and hopefully to the brainerd international raceway. according to everyone I talked to who has run there before they said it was slower than usual. I think I should be arround a 15.8 or so. I was spinning second really bad and I usually only squalk second.

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