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Spark plug shout out of engine


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Well title says it all, i was driving home tonight and all the sudden i hear a popping noise.


So i pull over check, see nothing, figure i'll start the car maybe it will go away lol.


Happens again, open the hood find X X O X (the O being the spark plug that popped out)


put a nice size dent in my hood, talk to some people, the towing guys something about my head needs to be replaced now and maybe pistons, anyone know what cause's this and makes this happen and what it breaks?


I have it under full warrenty so i'm sure it will be covered just wanting to know what i'm dealing with.


2000 Honda Civic Ex D16 engine Tune up done roughly a year ago, No mods to the engine not even the air filter, Coil over suspension, and thats about it besides the rims, stereo and what not.... Can someone help Thanks in advance...

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no need for new head right off the get , thats what someone trying to make money would say. at least try a helicoil first. if that doesnt work there are still options. and no not glue , lol. you should try turning a plug back into the whole , cause ive seen this happen on a D16A6 , same plug too , years ago on the highway me and my bud. car lost all power all the sudden. we stopped were looking under hood thinking man were fuked(side of the highway at about 2AM in gods country , lol) , when i tugged his plug wires just playing with crap , one came right out , plug still in the wire , lol , we fired er back in(it tightened again) , and away we went.

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