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When U Swap An Engineee

Verbal Killa

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Ok when u guys swap the engine too ur car. an go get a smog test. what is everythin u have too do? do u just swap it an go get the smog test on the engine. or do u have too go too the dmv an get the engine registered etc.


Anyone help me? im trying too do the smog test today because my car somethin was wrong wit the axle. an i just barely got it fixed today. an today the 30 day permit expires. so anyone help me out?


(the stupid mechanic was takin forever too fix the problem too my car)

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Damn sorry bro let me try too re-explain


alright i kno u hate hearin thisss. but this is the best way i can put it


Ok well..


You already know what engine i have in my car. (lol). an i have a honda civic dx 1994. well since the civic dx stock engine i believe is thhe d16 1.5 liter engine.


an i swapped in the b18b1 ls engine. when i go take a smog test. if i tell them that my engine is swapped. will they still do the test for me or not? because i went right now too go do one. an they told me i have too register the engine at the dmv or somecrap because its not the stock engine of the car.


so do u kno what you have too do too take a smog test on a swapped engine?


hope i explained my self.

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