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BTW- The question that says "Who was the first man to walk on the moon?" The choices are Neil Armstrong, Neil Patrick Harris, Neil Young, and Neil Cassidy. Clearly the right answer is Neil Armststong, but according to the game, it's Neil Patrick Harris. Then when it shows the right answer on the left it shows it is Neil Armstong.



List any questions.

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We got it! ... It's not hard once you remember the questions lol.


lol exactly.. I didn't even need to look at the questions at one point..


Oh its totally worth it.. that chick is fine. You have to watch the vids though, that's like the whole point.



Some of the questions are rigged.. there is no right answer. I said Neil Armstrong at one point and she said no, so I was like.. WTF??? There's one other clearly right one too..

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