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Future Plans Anyone?


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Post the upcoming plans for your cars people!




gsr swap

gsr cable tranny

b&m short throw shifter

rs*r exmag II cat-back

test pipe

custom intake

dc-sports ceramic 4-1 header

itr cams

toda cam gears

crower valve springs/retainers

gsr seats

tein coilovers

oem tails

black housing headlights

painted black w/ a little silver flake


pwned 13 second DA.


your turn.

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D16A swap

D15B trans

ACT clutch

ACT flywheel

Skunk2 Intake Manifold

Apexi N1 exhaust

DC 4-2-1 header

noname short ram intake

Hi-Flow cat

Neuspeed front upper strut bar

Eibach sportline springs

Skunk2 short shifter

Skunk2 shiftknob


Cobalt 5in tach to keep all my R's in check


Near Future:

BUY A DAILY DRIVER(holding me back from plans)

Turbe'd using t3/t4 turbo

ramhorn exhaust mani

2.5in intercooler piping

powdercoated front mount(to keep it low key)

Greddy BOV

Tial Wastegate

Custom Downpipe with cutout so i can just run open DP

Chrome Tuned at 7psi to start(holding me back from plans)

BF Goodrich Drag Radials or Nitto Radials(seen results from the bf's but wondering about the nittos)


Later Future:

Build Block and head

up boost to 15-20 psi

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Wow.. sounds good.. expensive, but good.

How long will all this take?


PS-- You might want to see what flakes look like IRL first.. some can be.. kind of flamboyant. Gloss black with a silver glow would look hawt on a DA.



What I want to do:

New wheels (probably gunmetal Circuit 8s)

Tein basic setup


EBP or black paint

Buddy club front lip

Mugen headlight covers

Stock fenders

Stock tails


What I will probably get done:

Paint (by yours truly)

Stock fenders + tails

Boost (hopefully)

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Long list, but near future mods.


Mike (Temporarily/Currently): D15B7, AEM intake, Exhaust, DC 4-1 header, Crane Cam, Ported A6 head, Skunk2 IM, Omnipower Testpipe, Exedy clutch, fidanza flywheel, omnipower camber kit (front), ingalls rear camber kit, tanabe springs, tokico shocks, megan lca's, lower tie bar, dc strut tower bar, front control arms, dc short shifter, del sol oem floor mats, gauge faces, ITR shift boot, ITR e brake boot, spoon shift knob, pioneer radio, infinity kappa perfect speakers, ameripol top, tint, wheels, blue hid lights, amber corners, painted car, type r lip, optima battery.


Mike (very soon): B20 block, JE pistons 11.5:1, Eagle Rods, B16 tranny, B16 head, Exedy clutch and Fidanza flywheel, ITB's, custom ported head, custom header, fully built basically. Skunk 2 stage 3 cam, more later.


Nick (currently): AEM intake, omnipower test pipe, Apexi N1 exhaust, Tein springs, Type R rear lip, OEM spoiler, tint, DC short shifter, Type R mats, Pioneer Radio, Sparco pedals, Greddy shift knob, blue hid bulbs.


Nick (soon): Exedy clutch, Fidanza flywheel, skunk2 IM, header, cam (unsure which one yet), and finish his suspension up (shocks/LCAs/tie bar/strut tower bars, etc.)

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Wow.. sounds good.. expensive, but good.

How long will all this take?


im hoping to be boosting by sept, going on vacation at the end of july so i need my current car to get me there(another reason why im not boosting yet, my buddy tuned pretty good he tuned my friends crx and hes running 12psi on a stock zc and it runs great no problems at all but thats with zdyne, so hes playin around with chrome and figuring out all the differences in it(another reasson why im holding off) want a daily driver so i can keep the wear n tear to a weekend minimum, im hoping that first list will be fully fulfilled by next spring at latest, should be boosting with similiar(cheaper) setup by end of sept tho, pending on if i can find a cheap beater quick

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Corsa cat-back exhaust - Pic Sound


OEM 17" STS wheels w/Michelin Pilot tires, 235s in front 255s in back - Pic


DVD/GPS Touchscreen Navigation - Pic




All future mods. I could have had the wheels, but some a-hole sniped the ebay auction so I lost. I would have had a really good deal on them too ($700 for wheels and tires, free shipping). Everything else is $900+. I got frustrated and bought an HDTV for my room :ph34r:

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for the SI:


- new CTR red floormats since i found gum on the ones i have in the back seat.

-JDM navi system

-CF lip

-TEIN lowering springs

-25% tint


... thats pretty much all that i would do since i already love the car and the power it has.


no more projects just some visual mods and i'm done.

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that's such a nice lude!



Wow.. sounds good.. expensive, but good.

How long will all this take?


well, the swap is in two weeks, then I/H/E probably by mid-august, then paint at the end of august. Everything else is gonna have to be during the school year, which is no big deal, i'll just have to be patient.


next summer i hope to have the del sol or crx so i can start building a D.

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You don't need the cam gears. I can get you RM valvetrain cheaper than Crower.



Put SMSP header on

Put SMSP exhaust on

Put close gear set in

Put cam in

Put Yellows on

Put 16" Acura Optional TL chrome wheels on with Ziex tires

Put sway bar on

Put Quaife in

Put seats in

Fab 6-point cage


Don't know from there.

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