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trying to finalize the looks of my civic.

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ok, i'm finally getting off my ass and i'm gonna try to start the exterior of my civic. i decided to hold off on the engine until i get a different job and get settled into a dif. home (i'll be moving soon)


here are some ideas of my car. the point of this thread is to respond on your opinions, if you don't like it, fine, if you do, fine, or if you have a different suggestion thats cool too.


i need new front fenders, and bumper. car will be re-painted WHITE. going for a jdm-ISH look.


first idea:

paint the middle of the bumper (the black part) white to match, so the ENTIRE bumper is white. paint side moldings white. also put the jdm style foglights into the bumper, also white/ with either yellow or blue lights.

lip front and back w/ matching side skirts (white).

carbon fiber hood, and trunk.

gunmetal or black wheels, w/ polished lip (16's)

tails will be the kind where the tops are red, and bottoms are white/clear. no altezza bullcrap.

headlights will be plain clear. might buy brand new OEM replacements so they are crystal clear, w/ orange-amberish corners.


2nd thought:

pretty much the same, but carbon lips, and bronze rims (16)




thats just a fast brainfart thought. any comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.. please post.


also, if you know any decently cheap headlights (one or 2 piece) and taillights that would look good, please post pics or links to them.




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ok here's what its gonna be:


repainted white, bumper will be COMPLETELY white.

white side moldings

lips (either mugen or type r)

these style taillights:


clear headlights w/ amber/orange corners

carbon hood

possibly a carbon trunk.



now what i need to know, black or gunmetal w/ lip 16's,

or gold/bronze 16's?


and i don't mean those exact lights, just that general style.

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With a white car I would think white wheels would look best. Barring that I say go with black 16s.


^EWW. Dont do that.


Honeslty I think go gold with the rims. A white car with gold rims looks amazing (just look at STI's). And those tailights looks really good.


What kind of car do you have exactly.

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i was thinking a lighter bronze for the rims. i got 17s i'm trying to sell, but the lip is ben slightly and i need to heat it a bit and see if a tiny bit of pounding can't get it back in place, if not i'm just gonna buy a new rim before i sell them.

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