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most seen cars on the road.


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lets see here


Explorer, expedition, infinity FX35 (that is the SUV thing right?), and two other major SUV's...just think of them and they are around here (in high quantity).


I'd also have to say that there are a rediculously large amount of minivan's around here...because thats all hasidic jews drive in..vans so they can fit 30 people...in a minivan...those frackerS!!!!!!!!!!!!! no offense to any other jews but the hasidics around me are destroying my town...they are buying up property all over the place with money that they launder through their f*cking temple and their god damned stupid tax exempt asses that somehow also file for bankruptcy, and just cut down the most beautiful lots of tree filled land and build more stupid f*cking housing for their inbred kids to live IN!! I mean for christ's sake, they tried to buy my town's water plant so they could control all the water for their town and mine!!!!! WHY CAN'T THEY GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!?



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its midnight here and I've been busy all day...my mind kinda just slipped...farted if you will.


so word...i guess i'm going to bed now...a little earlier than last night since I can't seem to work things right as it is.

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