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help : voltmeter (installation)


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sup peeps i need your guy's help i tried to install a voltmeter in my sol but i think it is not working like it


supppose too so please if any of you guys know how to properly hook the guage up let me know




here's my problem i followed the instructions that came with the voltmeter guage (autometer brand)


the instruction say's not to use the sending unit connection only the ground and ignition so i did everything


the instructions said to hook up. but when i start the car up it only read 8 volts and my battery light on my


cluster comes on and when i disconnected the guage the battery light goes away .


that's my problem does anyone know how to make it work properly and prevent the battery light from


coming on is there a better location to hook up the ignition wire to like a wire from the alternator or


something cause i just spliced into a igintion wire from a harness under the hood and it just isn't working



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