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The 2007 civic type-r

Rick B.

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i still think the 99-00 SI are the best lookings SI's they have made.




i personally dont like the new SI's at all...




i do think your year is the nicest SI to ever come out.


i love the new SI because my dad is getting one in the winter...can't wait to play with it... :D

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I love the way the new 1 look's plus i am thinking about changing the color to Rallye Red it looks very good with a carbon fiber hood and black rims.


you got any pics yet???


i wanna see it sooo bad... :)

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i saw a white si the other day and it looked good. white si with cf hood and black rims with the crome lip looks clean as hell.






and as i just said.. a buddy of mine has the new si and smokes me. but still ugly imo. lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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