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was i tricked??

Rick B.

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i have a gsr swap. when i first got it, it ran perfect but now i cant shift at 8200 any more, my rev limiter is back at 7500 like it was when my car was stock. after a few days i had the swap, the vtec stopped engaging and i sent my car back to the guy who did the work, he fixed the vtec problem but then my rev limiter moved. could he have switched the gsr ecu back to my stock civic one? my car doesnt pull as hard anymore, thats why im asking.

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All ECU's have a ID number perse. Like mine is P2N. Check it out: ECUID.jpg

You can find this by looking on one of the sides of your ECU and then refer here to see if it's the correct ECU: http://www.hondaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=10449 Looks like you should have the P61 or P74 ECU.


mine is a p28

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