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I'm back


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Yeah, i didnt feel like posting for a while to see if anyone would miss me.



i think a few did.


but i dont know.


i dont have the accord anymore i now have my brother's old 2000 EBP Civic SI.


i will no longer post in the honda or engine crap sections because when i help, people try to prove me wrong and i dont like that.


so i'll just whore it up in the GD section and make fun of stupid looking cars in the picture section.



and bitch at people in classifieds.



thats about it.

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fer shiz, i'll get pics when i get back from New York.. thats where the car is right now.


i bring it back down like the 15th and then im bringing it to florida with my friend and his familiy. i'll get some beach shots in Panama City.

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