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New Honda Owner


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Name: Craig aka Jung aka Chink aka Gook

Age: 18

Location: Ft. Collins Colorado

Ride: 1992 Civic LX, D15 SOHC, Non Vtec


Mods: Intake, hole in the exhaust, M3 side mirrors w/ LED lights, full sound system.



Thats a little bout me and my car. Uh.. I used to drive an old muscle car but I got rid of it because of the rising cost of gas, and the fact that I moved out to Washington state for a short while. But now I'm back in Colorado and looking around for things to do w/ this car. It already moves along pretty good for what it is, but after driving a car w/ just shy of 450 ft lbs of tq, I need a little more kick out of my honda. Hope to be around here for a while and learn a lot while I'm here.

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