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prelude 2.0s carb flooding and starvation

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We are racing a stock 88 2.0s prelude with the dual sidedraft keihin carbs.

We've tried everything to get the float levels correct on these carbs but they constantly either flood out badly (fuel pouring out the venturis) or starve to the point where no fuel is in the bowl. I know everyone will say to get rid of the carbs and go with injection but our rules say to run the carbs. we don't use the ecu, most vacuum lines have been plugged etc-no egr no map sensor-basically trying to get these carbs to work on their own with no electronic controls except for the electric idle jets. new needles and seats, floats etc have been tried-float levels properly adjusted to spec-the needles and seats work well-no binding on the bench etc-I am a licensed tech and know what I'm doing with carbs etc but this problem stumps me-it doesn't make sense-any ideas? Could this be a float bowl vent problem? We tried different vacuum port techniques to no avail-tried setting the floats a little higer or lower etc-one big headache.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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