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i got questions


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well awhile back i asked some question about a swap on my honda cb7 (91 accord). well i sold my h22 motor to a friend that dropped it in his eg and well i got no motor... so now im looking into the market, of course im looking into HMOmotors. but in my swap now ive dicided to leave my car automatic (for my daily driver, plus my girl drives it) so i was wondering about power options and others opinions on the selections.


first off...


1. on an automatic tranny, is there anyway i can beef it up, and make it faster?

2. is the h22 better or f20b?

(and if the f22 is better is it conpattable with all the h22 parts?)

3. willi or should i need to get new mounts for the swap? (cuz the mounts work, but do i need to beef them up?)



okay... well thats all i can come up with, but if you guys can give me some more pointers to make my life easier id be thankful.


well thanks. ;)

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