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Start and dies


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I have a 91 CRX. It has a DOHC ZC swap in it. I don’t know who did the swap and most of the wiring doesn’t match up with all data. What happened it the start was one day it started to over charge one day and I drove it home and let it sit a week and then tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. The car sat in the winter months for a few months and now I have had time to try and work on it here’s what’s going on with it now. The car turns on and stay running for about a minute then dies out. It turns off like you turned the key. The Fuel pressure is at 37 psi at key on and it’s at 31 psi when it is running. I pulled the upstream oxygen senor out and it idled fine with it out but when I would rev the engine the car dies out. Before this happened I took the Distributor out thinking the igniter was bad but its fine and forgot to mark the place where I took it out and now it fully retarded on the Distributor and it still says that it is 18 degrees advance. The timing belt is in good condition and I checked that all the timing marks line up. People at my work think it’s a clogged cat or the fuel pump is bad but I just don’t want to go replacing parts to find out its something different. Any idea’s would help out thanks

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well putting the timing back on track is not hard u just need a timing light and find what the veci label for that engine and find the timing. well in that is all can help u on there.

1)loose or faulty electrical connections at distributor,coil or alternator.

2)insufficient fuel reaching the fuel injectiors.

3)vacuum leak at the gasket between the intake manifold/plenum and throttle body.

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