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Ignition problem in LS/VTEC HELP!!

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I think i have some bad spark or somthing because the last few days i've been trying to get on it and it feels like i'm getting robbed up in the higher rpms, like right after vtec should be cracking at like 5.5k somtimes the vtec cracks like it should but i think i have somthing going in my ignition or somthing. maybe a fuel filter?? any help on the subject would be great. also, my tach tweeks out all the time when i hit like 4.5k it just drops to 0 until i go back under 4K, dont really get it, somtimes it just doesnt work at all. does this link to the same problem? maybe somthing in my distributer. heres my setup just incase it will help.


sleeved .2 over b18b

forged internals, 8.5-1 comp.

b16 head- type r cams

turbo setup tuned to 16 lbs (433 whp : )

uberdata chiped ecu

750 injectors and aftermarket pump



Oh another thing, i was on the freeway accelerating to about 120 in fifth and after i let off the gas and started to slow down, my car died, i pressed the gas and nothing happened, but my engine was still reving at like 5 grand. i put in the clutch and it went to 0 so i started it again and was a little freaked out so i drove the speed limit after that....



someones gotta know about this crap so any help would be awsome.

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