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Engine light question


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(I am posting this for a member here.)


I am about to get my car inspected but i have a check engine light on. I have an 2001 honda civic ex. The code that is coming up is P0113 IAT Sensor 1 Circuit High Input. I think this may be on because of the cold air intake that was installed a couple years back. But the light has been on ever since it has been installed and nobody can figure out how to make it go off. I am not sure how to post a question in the forum which is why i had to pm you sorry. can you please help?


P.S. Do you know where i might find this sensor?


TLontheDL's response: usually the stock air filter has a plug..that plug is related to the oxygen sensor and when you put in an aftermarket air intake, the plug isn't used anymore, correct? thats prob whats triggering your engine light. either that or you need to clean your air intake b/c its blocking air or you didn't use the right octane gasoline. OR your not tightening your gas cap to at least 3 clicks.

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01 and up civics have a sensor that plugs into a hole with a rubber gromet in it in the intake tube itself. needs to be in the airstream. that and pull the backup fuse to reset ECU after changing anything , IE , putting intake on , header , so on.

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