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Possible to get any better MPG in 94 VX hb?


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It already gets in the 50's, and im not big on the racing thing, moreso the fact I drive 120-150 miles a day, i can use all the mpg i can get. Are there any mod's I can do to up the mpg's into the 60s? I've read let the motor breathe better and it'll get better mpg, but I don't really want to race it out if i'll only see 1mpg, thats not worth it.


Any recomendations?



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Get an Insight w00t


haha 10mpg more for 20k just doesn't sound like a worthwile mod. if i were to go with a aftermarket intake, header and QUIET exhaust, would that really boost my mpg by helping the motor breathe better? or would i be better off stock

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